24 LED Light Bar, 24x3w, 6000LM, 10-30VDC, 4A IP67 ,6000k, 301x80x65mm


24 LED Light Bar, 24x3w, 6000LM, 10-30VDC, 4A IP67 ,6000k, 301x80x65mm

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Product Highlights

  • Aluminium housing
  • 6000K
  • Lend made of PMMA
  • 10-30v DC
  • 6000LM

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GlobalTone heavy duty LED bar are made from solid aluminium housing and PMMA Lens, with the IP67 waterproofing mark it can go anywhere from the car to the house without any problem. With about 30000 hours of lifetime these light can run for years without any problem


  • 6000LM
  • Beam Combo
  • 10-30v DC at 6A
  • 3W/DEL


Product TypeLED light
Type72 S/F-C3
Voltage10-30V DC
Color Temperature6000K
LED Module24x3W (3W/pcs)
Weight (KG)1.8
Lumen(LM)6000 LM
Beam TypeSpot/Flood/Combo
LifeAbout 30,000 hours of life time

Additional Informations

Q: What does K stand for in ‘’Color temperature’’?

A: The kelvin is the primary unit of temperature measurement in the physical sciences, the color temperature of a light source is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of a color comparable to that of the light source. Color temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvin, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature.

Q: What is the difference between spot, flood and combo beam type?

A: Spot light are meant to provide light to a specific area. When using a light with a spot beam, it will have a refined light spread which is intended for long range visibility. Spot are often used to aid or replace head lights, for brush trucks, for off roading, and other situations where lighting in the distance would be necessary. Flood lights provide a much larger spread of light but at a smaller distance. Many people use flood lights to illuminate large areas such as construction sites. When a light has the option for a combo beam, this light would be the best of both worlds. Combo beams provide both spot and flood beams into one light for wide spread and long distance illumination.

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