50ft Speaker Wire, 16AWG, Red/Black, Fire Retardant, CCA

50ft Speaker Wire, 16AWG, Red/Black, Fire Retardant, CCA

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Product Highlights

  • 50ft
  • Fire Retardant PVC isulation
  • 2x16AWG
  • CCA

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GlobalTone superior quality speaker wire offer you a fire retardant PVC insulation to prevent extra security against fire. Copper-clad aluminium (CCA) wire with an 16AWG (American wire gauge) result in a quality wire for your project / installation


  • Perfect for high quality equipement
  • Fits with banana plug and other frequently used plug
  • Fire Retardant PVC insulation
  • Rolled on itself


Product TypeSpeaker Wire
Wire typeCopper-Clad Aluminium (CCA)
Gauge2 wire of 16AWG each
PolarizedYes with a red and black wire.
Spool TypeRolled on itself
Wire insulationFire Retardant PVC

Additional Informations

Q: What is CCA wire ?

A: CCA stand for Copper clad aluminium. It’s a copper wire with aluminium in it. These are the main properties of CCA wire.

  • Less expensive than a pure copper wire
  • Lighter than pure copper
  • Higher electrical conductivity than pure aluminium
  • Higher strength than aluminium
  • Electrical connections are typically more reliable than pure aluminium
  • Typically produced as a 10% or 15% by copper volume product

Q: What is a polarized wire?

A: Polarized wire only mean that one of the 2 wires or the two are marked with a line of different color to recognize the polarity of the wire. That way you know which one is positive and which one is negative.


1 Reviews

Solid wire with durable cover
These speaker wires were just what I needed for the home theater setup

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